THE BIG NEWS from this year: The Scarlet Line is done! S2 is up and posted, and I’m just considering porting it to YouTube as well as embedding from Vimeo on the TSL ebsite, since YT’s where the eyes seem to be. We finished filming in a fashion that would allow for future installments, but not require them to feel like the story had a whole arc.  If we decide to produce more in future, it will be with expanded production capacity.

Also – I am again taking a step back from active involvement with Babes With Blades Theatre company, though still keeping involved in media generation and archiving.  As always – so much exciting stuff is coming up – best to track it via the Babes’ website – www.babeswithblades.ORG – don’t forget the .ORG. .

I mostly been focused on TSL, voiceover, and BWBTC business these past years, but I did get out for a workshop/reading or two with some other companies. I also got new headshots done at the end of 2023, to address the fact that I let some stripey silver grow in since the whole lockdown thing, and I think I’m keeping it, for now. Time to branch out a bit more!

Stay tuned for more news and info!