Hello there!


The web series The Scarlet Line has wrapped production for its ‘final’ season in its current incarnation! Meaning?  We’re finishing up the current storyline in a fashion that would allow for future installments, but not require them to feel like the story had a whole arc.  If we decide to produce more in future, it will probably be with expanded production capacity.

This past year, I was lucky enough to be in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at Strawdog Theatre Company, in the role of Captain Nemo! I also had the opportunity to read the role of Hannibal Lecter in a stage adaptation of Red Dragon, and appeared in several other readings around town. Prior to that, I appeared in Stage Left Theatre Company’s production of Keys of the Kingdom, by Penny Penniston – click the titles for info.

Season 1 of the web series The Scarlet Line is up.  Shot in fall 2012, with season 2 shot in fall 2013, and currently in post-production!

I am also happy to announce that the second season of Dark Age is live! Dark Age: The Web Series  aired its first episode Feb 2, 2012.  I round out an ensemble of 5.  They have set up a whole youtube channel, and you can view Season 1 – Feature Length or Season Two – Feature Length to watch each season as a whole movie in one sitting, if you like!

The Bartitsu documentary is available on DVD.  Click here!  I did some voiceover and appeared on camera in a reenactment sequence depicting the jujitsuffragettes training.  Stay tuned for more news and info!K Woolf Headshot